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15 ml cairo airless dispenser


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the sustainable airless dispenser  - verified by ecocert-

The new and reliable despensing with SNAP ON Version for all valuable and sensitive products such as natural skin care cream, body balms, serums and lotions.

Filling volume: 15 ml - 0,51 fl.oz.

Bottle: PP;PE

Pump: PP, PE, TPE  -  Dosage 0,22 ml - 0,27 ml per stroke, dependig viscosity

Cap: PP

- Protection against germs and oxidation

-Enables the reduced use of preservatives

-Extends the shelf life of the product

-Excellent product emptying

-Simple handling in 360°


-100 % recycable

-100 % plastic

-All plastics used have FDA and EUR-DIR approvals for food contact

-available in 30 ml and 50 ml

-ECOCERT & COSMOS verifyed

NEW: The new Nozzle Closure System (NCS) provides optimal protection for sensitive products. The new closure protects the entire mouth area and avoids possible foreign contamination. In addition, the NCS offers a clean dosage in the smallest amounts, so that only the required amount is dispensed

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